EWTEC2013 – Aalborg, Denmark


This publication was produced as part of the EWTEC2013 conference (2–5 September 2013) organized by Aalborg University, Denmark, on behalf of the European Wave and Tidal Energy committees, members of which are shown on the website: www.ewtec.org. The EWTEC2013 Conference Publications refer to all material published in relation to the conference, including but not limited to the conference’s final program and the conference proceedings.



The 10th European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference was organised by the Aalborg University, Denmark with the support of the EWTEC Technical Committee and corporate sponsors.


—Instructions— Once your order has been processed, you will receive an email with a link to download the conference proceedings. The proceedings are downloaded as .zip folder and they have the format of a PDF file with active links to the papers. When the download is complete unzip the folder and select the “10th EWTEC2013_Contents.pdf” . Please make sure to keep the pdf file at the same directory with the Tracks and Poster session files. When you find the paper you would like to read in the contents PDF file, open it by selecting the title hyperlink. Note: In the unlikely case that the links do not work properly, you can still access all the papers by opening the “Tracks” folder and navigate through the tracks and papers.