EWTEC2019 – Naples, Italy


EWTEC 2019 represents the 13th in the bi-annual scientific conference series of the European Wave and Tidal Energy (EWTEC) community, the first being in 1993. The conference was held for the first time in Italy, at the beautiful city of Napoli. EWTEC 2019 provided the needed platform and the meeting point between experts and world-class companies in the marine renewable energy sector. It involved the participation of about 700 delegates from 35 different countries. This includes universities, research centres and industry active in the marine renewable energy sector.

EWTEC 2019 was organized by the CoNISMa and University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”
Chairman | Diego Vicinanza · CoNISMa and Dep. of Engineering of University of Campania
“Luigi Vanvitelli”
Co-Chairman | Emilio Campana – CNR National Council for Research
Technical staff of CoNISMa – Italian National Inter-University Consortium for Marine



Proceedings of EWTEC2019

The 13th European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference was held from 1 to 6 September 2019 at Centro Congressi della Stazione Marittima di
Napoli, in Italy. Over 5 days, the program featured 5 parallel sessions covering 12 different thematic tracks.

Wave resource characterization (15)
Tidal resource characterization (28)
Wave device development and testing (70)
Tidal device development and testing (33)
Wave hydrodynamic modelling (44)
Tidal hydrodynamic modelling (39)
Grid integration, power take-off and control (29)
Station-keeping, moorings and foundations (8)
Environmental impact and appraisal (20)
Economical, social, legal and political aspects of ocean energy (13)
Structural mechanics: materials, fatigue, loadings (10)
Operations, maintenance and decommissioning (7)

From the 470 abstracts initially submitted, 278 full papers were finally selected by a peer-review process, under the control of the international EWTEC Technical Committee, to be presented at the Conference and included in the present proceedings.

The conference proceedings have the format of a CD.

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